NoviiRemote 2.22

Control many types of appliance with your Pocket PC

The developers of NoviiRemote set out to create a universal learning remote that works better, looks better, is easier to use and is faster to set up, when compared to the many other remote programs on the market.

Combined with the quality of the software, the attractive interface helps insure a pleasant experience that will keep our customers hooked! NoviiRemote is simply more fun, works better and is easier to use!

Key features include.

  • Customizable: Program the hard buttons on your handheld PC for any remote control functions!
  • Easy Navigation: Our interface allows one-click access to virtually any section of the software.
  • Quick Setup: - The steps to set up NoviiRemote are faster and more intuitive. Get up and running in just a few moments!
  • Documentation and Help - NoviiMedia has provided ample documentation and a comprehensive User Guide with the software. Additional information and support can be found on our website,
  • Increased Range - The enhanced infrared driver at the core of NoviiRemote gives out stronger signals than the competition. You will enjoy greater range of operation with this software!
  • Enhanced color! The buttons on NoviiRemote follow a logical color scheme, where each color relates to a category of functions for the remote.
  • Pre-installed Infrared Codes - We have loaded the infrared codes for many popular devices (TVs, cable and satellite boxes and others). Just select your device from the menu, and begin using the remote!

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